CNC Garlic Press

A device to display your facial features on a wall with a laser beam - see Github Repo.

This was a project to dive deeper into electronics and software on Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's. The goal was to have someone stand in front of a camera hooked up to a Raspberry Pi and have their facial features projected onto a wall with a laser

The general architecture is:

Future work includes making the facial detection much faster (potentially converting to C++?), fix a "streaking" effect when the trying to move the galvonometers too far, too fast, and making some kind of a game with it (maybe cookies can drop and you have to catch them in your mouth).

The final breadboards with Teensy, Op Amps, ADC, and voltage conveter

Diagram of circuit layout

A preliminary laser control test

OpenCV running on my face, outline in blue

A rough face (left) and a nearly complete face (right)